Don't just take our word for it

hear from our
satisfied clients

Don't just take our word for it

hear from our satisfied clients

different journeys, same result: freedom

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Timeshare Legal, LLC is more than a leading timeshare cancellation company. It is widely recognized as the national leading firm specializing in cancellation services for timeshare owners that have fallen victim to fraudulent, misrepresented sales practices.

Timeshare Legal Testimonials


"Timeshare Legal provided effective services and I am very pleased with the result. The process was very professional and went smoothly & quickly."


“Timeshare Legal is a great company. Everything I paid for was worth it! I cannot thank you enough.”


“Timeshare Legal, LLC was the answer to my prayers! The company was able to end the growing timeshare debt. We have the utmost confidence in TSL!”


“Timeshare Legal LLC is a legitimate business! They successfully got us out of our timeshare!”


“Timeshare Legal helped us with our timeshare in a very professional manner. They got us out of our contract. They are a group that understands the timeshare business and they are dedicated to their clients.”

Ben & diane

“Thanks to Timeshare Legal, we can now make plans for retirement. I would highly recommend this firm for problems with timeshares groups that pressure sell you on memberships.”


“I thought I would just get a reduction of points, but I got out of my timeshare completely! My loans were forgiven! I was impressed with their knowledge. Timeshare Legal’s staff are experts in this area!”


“I really didn’t know if Timeshare Legal could help us. We ended up saving over $2,000 per month and received a $8,000 refund from the timeshare company.”

Joe & Diane

“TSL Team: With hearts of gratitude and sincere appreciation for all your diligence and hard work, as well as the grace and patience you’ve afforded us.”

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