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Timeshare Legal Testimonials


Pamela Hissong

Timeshare Legal was so easy to work with and was diligent about giving us updates on our case. Everyone was upfront and gave us just what we wanted to exit out. Timeshare Legal is the real thing! Thank you so much!!


Misty Wallace

Timeshare Legal was with us every step of the way and made the process easy. Thank you, Timeshare Legal!!! I would recommend Timeshare Legal because of their professionalism and ability to get the job done.


Tiasha Price

Due to the help and support I received, Timeshare Legal got the job done and helped me get out of my timeshare. I recommend [Timeshare Legal] because they stand by what they do.


Kristina Brown

They did everything I wanted them to do. They worked fast on my case and answered every question I had. Everyone was so helpful [as] they answered all my questions. They got my case done and canceled really quickly. I would recommend [Timeshare Legal] to anyone that needs to get out of their timeshare.


Andre Heidelberg

We are very happy with Timeshare Legal! They were very hands-on; they really cared about getting us out of our timeshare. The staff was amazing at reaching out with updates. The process took less than six months. Now, we are no longer timeshare owners and can start saving and going on trips with no hassle. Thank you so much, Timeshare Legal, for everything!


Amy Padilla

Timeshare Legal was able to get us out of our time share fast and was so much easier than expected. Staff was amazing to work with and attentive to any questions we had. They are great to work with.


Julie Esser

The experience we had with Timeshare Legal far exceeded my expectations. I was skeptical about whether or not this service was legit at first. The staff at Timeshare Legal was great to work with–very thorough, always communicated during the process and followed through on everything they said they’d do. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs these services!


Deborah Earnest

We are very happy with the service provided by Timeshare Legal, LLC. The process took quite a while, but the staff was always there, listening to us when we vented and answering any questions. We recommend them to anyone who needs their services. Thank you so much, TimeShare Legal!


Cerisse Cato

If your stuck in a timeshare I would highly recommend Timeshare Legal they helped me and I’m really grateful.


Sam E.

Working with Timeshare Legal was fairly easy. They stayed in communication with me the entire time. It took a little longer than eclectic to be rid of my timeshare, but that is because the timeshare holder would not cooperate at first. I am just so happy to finally be done with Bluegreen.


Travis & Farah M.

Exceptional team and results, thank you!


Kristen Lassetter

[I am] thankful for Timeshare Legal for getting us out of our timeshare nightmare!


Lisa Ortiz

After a long time waiting I’m finally free from the useless timeshare thanks to them! it took LOTS of patience, but it was worth it in the end.


Samarea Edwards

[They’re] very easy to work with. And it actually worked! I [mean] it actually worked! I am done with Bluegreen when I never thought it was possible


Sean Burns

Awesome experience and so satisfying how Timeshare Legal says something and it seems to work in my favor. So the advice was all good that they gave me.


Sandra Brown

My experience with Timeshare Legal was great! Thankful for their help.


Vickie Belgin

I had a great experience with them as I had limited paperwork they needed. They kept up with what else we could use and followed through getting it completed for me. I now no longer have this time share because of them. Thanks.


Aaron Rudolph

I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Timeshare Legal. They communicated with me every step of the way and kept me updated on the status of my account in a timely fashion. I would give this company 5 stars!


Louis Simoneaux​

We contacted Timeshare Legal in December 2021, and our timeshare contract was canceled in February 2024. We were told that the process took time but we did not know it would be this long of a process. The representative assigned to our case changed several times, but each person we worked with was informative and continued to communicate with us throughout the cancellation process.


Douglas Wolverton

Great service! Our initial consultation went well and I look forward to continuing the progress with this.


Kenisha C.

I really appreciate Timeshare Legal they handled business. They actually got me out of a timeshare that was literally taking all my money. I’m so happy with the experience I had and would recommend them to anyone in need.


Kelly C.

Timeshare Legal helped me dissolve my timeshare contract. They were very professional and responded to my questions promptly. Very happy!


Flossie S.

We were so plesed with the services we received it was not a very long process but it was effective. Thank you again.


Donna C.

You were fantastic and you resolved our timeshare in a short time. Everyone there was friendly and responsive. We are very happy with the results.


Denise Azzato

They helped us end our timeshare obligation well within the timeframe they first told us. Our representative was always available when we had questions during the process! I would highly recommend them.


Lauren S.

Amazing experience. Happy to be set free from our troubles. Thank you so much.


Shelny Johnson

My experience with Timeshare Legal was great! They kept me informed and answered my concerns. I would recommend them. They were able to get my timeshare canceled.


Vicki Johnican

I had a fabulous experience. Timeshare legal got me completely out of my Timeshare. It was done at a reasonable cost and at no time was I asked for more money. I would recommend to anyone seeking to exit a timeshare.


Laurie Cameron

I had a great experience with Timeshare Legal – they were able to get me out of the timeshare within a year without my having to call or communicate with the timeshare company. It was a lot easier than me trying it on my own!


Laura Parish

When I first looked up Timeshare Legal and saw all the great reviews, it put my mind at ease that I was contacting the right company for help. The process was easy and they made me feel like they really cared and they were all very professional. If anyone needs this kind of legal assistance, choose Timeshare Legal.


Frances Pellegrino

Timeshare Legal has helped us and provided next steps. We are happy with the end result of finally receiving the official cancellation letter from the Timeshare company we were trying to leave. This process does take time to complete and I recommend following up with the Timeshare Legal team for status updates.


Jose Resto

We could not be happier with my results; great job! I would say thank you to Timeshare Legal for sticking with me through the process and as they promised my timeshare was canceled. I can now feel free and relax.


Jolene Neri

Timeshare Legal was great. They helped us sell our unwanted timeshare back to the HGV in a year. Monthly communication was great for the first 9 months. Yay! Out from under the timeshare!


Art Burl

We started our timeshare exiting process with Timeshare Legal in October of 2021 and one year later in October of 2022, the process was finished and we were rid of the timeshare. The people that we dealt with at Timeshare Legal were very professional and helpful throughout the process. They kept me informed about everything that was going on and they were very good to follow-up when I had questions. Overall this was an excellent experience and the end result was what they promised.


Charlotte Battiet

I had a great experience with Timeshare Legal and so grateful (and relieved) that my timeshare has been terminated! Timeshare Legal managed the entire process for me and were successful in terminating the timeshare, which is what they promised to do. Trust the process – it works! 


Maria Sclafani

At first I was hesitant, as there are a lot of companies that I’ve heard being advertised on the news, but had not heard of Timeshare Legal. As the process progressed, they had proven to me that they were a force to be reckoned with. They stay in contact with you, they advise you at every step, get back to you almost immediately when you have questions and, most importantly, they stand by their word. In fact, the process took less time than they told me. I am extremely happy!

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