Client Written Testimonials

“We were skeptical at first about Timeshare Legal. After the initial contact with the main office, they assisted us in a complete cancellation.” -Ed


“Timeshare Legal provided effective services and I am very pleased with the result.  The process was very professional and went smoothly & quickly.” -Dalton


“Timeshare Legal is a great company.  Everything I paid for was worth it! I cannot thank you enough.” -Kathy



“Timeshare Legal, LLC was the answer to my prayers!  The company was able to end the growing timeshare debt. We have the utmost confidence in TSL!” -David 


“Timeshare Legal LLC is a legitimate business!  We were given a money back guarantee if they were not able to get us a refund! They successfully got us out of our timeshare without affecting our credit!” -Rosemary


“Timeshare Legal helped us with our timeshare in a very professional manner.  They got us out of our contract.  They are a group that understands the timeshare business and they are dedicated to their clients.” -Margaret


“Thanks to Timeshare Legal, we can now make plans for retirement. I would highly recommend this firm for problems with timeshares groups that pressure sell you on memberships.”  -Ben & Diane


“We were trapped in a program initiated by the timeshare company resulting in us owing more money! As a result of utilizing the services of Timeshare Legal, we saved over $800 per month and a net savings of $27,000.” -Bill


“I really didn’t know if Timeshare Legal could help us. We ended up saving over $2,000 per month and received a $8,000 refund from the timeshare company.” -Steve 


“I thought I would just get a reduction of points, but I got out of my timeshare completely!  My loans were forgiven, my credit was repaired! I was impressed with their knowledge. Timeshare Legal’s staff are experts in this area!” Brian


“TSL Team: With hearts of gratitude and sincere appreciation for all your diligence and hard work, as well as the grace and patience you’ve afforded us.” -Joe & Diane


“I had confidence that Timeshare Legal could help me. I spoke with the staff repeatedly; I believed that they would fulfill their promises.” -Marilyn


“You must know I am still in SHOCK, but seeing it in writing reminds me that it’s real. I greatly appreciate the professionalism of TSL. I appreciate you for your professional handling of my case to success!” -Caryl


“Dear Stacy,
Thank you to all of your office for your excellent help that was given to us!” –Owen & Wanda


“Hello Stacy,
THANK YOU for the excellent communication!  You have made this process less stressful just by being so professional.” Walter & Jane


“We would like to thank you for your exceptional service.  The staff from the first phone call was superb. We could not have achieved success without Timeshare Legal.” –Van