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In six months, where would you like to be? Do you still want to be living under the weight of your timeshare’s financial burden? Throwing your hard-earned money away on the countless fees associated with your timeshare? Struggling to pay your everyday expenses for a vacation home you aren’t even planning on visiting? We didn’t think so. By simply taking our cancellation assessment, you are taking the leap toward a brighter future. A future with more money in your wallet and more opportunities on the horizon.

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Listen To Ben & Diane's Story Of Saving $80,000 in cancelled timeshare debt

What's Our Process Like?


Quick Assessment

Use our intelligent qualification assessment to help us determine the best course of action.

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Our cancellation specialists get down to business, working towards permanently freeing you from your timeshare contract.


That’s it! We’ll notify you when your timeshare has been permanently canceled and you can go back to enjoying your life.

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Timeshare Legal, LLC is more than just the “Original Timeshare Cancellation Company.” It is widely recognized as the national leading firm specializing in cancellation services for timeshare owners that have fallen victim to fraudulent, misrepresented sales practices.

Here at Timeshare Legal, our mission goes beyond helping our clients cancel their timeshare(s). It is our promise that through demonstrating our core values and ethics in business, we will be able to do a small part in restoring Trust, Peace of Mind, and Balance back into their lives.

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Join thousands of satisfied clients that have freed themselves from the burden of their timeshare.

Over 250 Million in cancelled timeshare debt
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We’ve released our clients from hundreds of millions of dollars of timeshare debt, freeing up funds so they can better enjoy their lives. 



Rest assured, we can release you from your timeshare contract, while offering you credit protection services.


Trust, Balance,
& Peace of Mind

Timeshare Legal is the Original Timeshare Cancellation Company Since 2009

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