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Timeshare Legal CEO Christian Highlander Reveals Unexpected Timeshare Fees

Christian Highlander, the CEO of Timeshare Legal, shares some information on the unexpected fees that timeshare owners may encounter.

Everything in life can have its upsides and downsides, and timeshare ownership is no exception. Owning a timeshare is appealing to many people because it is an investment into lifelong vacation opportunities. However, timeshares can also have their downsides which may lead timeshare owners to regret and want to give up their vacation ownerships. Timeshare Legal Ceo, Christian Highlander shares that one of the most common reasons that people look to cancel their vacation ownership is because of the hidden fees. These costs hike up the initial cost of a timeshare until it becomes a bothersome expense. There are many unexpected fees that timeshare owners may find tacked onto their timeshare costs, and here Christian Highlander will explore some of the unexpected fees that can pop up.

Membership fees are one of the most common types of fees that pop up after the purchase of a timeshare. Members may purchase a timeshare at a resort and expect that they will be able to access all of the amazing features of the resort, only to find out down the line that these features require an extra expense. CEO Christian Highlander says that this is because membership fees are charged to timeshare owners to give them access to extras like golf course or club house facilities at their timeshare resorts. For many this is an unforeseen expense and can sour the love they once had for their timeshare.

Christian Highlander says that another common fee that timeshare owners see charged to them after the purchase of their timeshare is a maintenance fee. This is an extra fee that is charged by the timeshare or resort to pay to maintain the resort. These fees go to cover the costs of resort amenities like pools and tennis courts or maintenance like pest control and landscaping, among other possible expenses. Again, these types of fees can surprise owners when they discover them tacked on to the cost of their timeshare, especially since these fees can vary widely in price, and be raised without warning.

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