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Timeshare Legal LLC Celebrates 2018 Successes and Notes 2019 Highlights

There were a number of successes in 2018 for Timeshare Legal LLC, and today the company would like to share some of them.

Since 2009, Timeshare Legal LLC has been able to assist timeshare owners who no longer want their timeshare. Blatant misrepresentations by unscrupulous salespeople that force owners into financial situations that they normally wouldn’t have been in, may make it more difficult for individuals to maintain their timeshare ownership.  When that happens and they need to cancel their timeshare, they can turn to Timeshare Legal LLC. Timeshare Legal LLC is headed up by timeshare expert and CEO Christian Highlander. The company is able to help its clients cancel their unwanted timeshare. The Timeshare Legal LLC model has been successful for years, with 2019 being no different. In fact, the company saw a number of highlights this past year, and would like to share some of these successes.

In the past year, Timeshare Legal LLC once again maintained their 100% success rate and these clients are now free of all of the burden of their timeshares and can put that money towards more essential needs, or even towards travel opportunities that better fit their needs. These cases of successfully canceled timeshares amounted to over $36 million in cancelled debt. This is a success not only for Timeshare Legal LLC, but for the scores of clients that it was able to serve this year.  2019, is shaping up to be an even bigger year!

Another success for Timeshare Legal LLC this past year has been the turnover on the cases that the team is working with. The average time that it took for clients to see their contracts completely canceled was about 10 months, allowing those who sought the help of the Timeshare Legal LLC to see a resolution to their situation within a year. 2018 was a very strong year for Timeshare Legal LLC, CEO Christian Highlander, and their beloved clients, and it has encouraged the company to keep going strong as it continues to make a mark on the industry in 2019.

Timeshare Legal LLC is an unsurpassed leader in timeshare cancelations. Timeshare ownership is not for everyone, and when individuals feel that they can no longer support their timeshare financially, or when they feel like they have to get rid of their timeshare for any other reason, they can depend on the advice, knowledge, and expertise available through Timeshare Legal LLC. Since 2009, Timeshare Legal LLC has served those who need help exiting the difficult timeshare contracts with a 100% success rate. To learn more about how Timeshare Legal LLC can help visit