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Christian Highlander Reviews Timeshare Legal’s Record-Setting Cancellation Numbers

Christian Highlander is proud to announce that Timeshare Legal cancelled a staggering $250 million in timeshare debt.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  They were also able to assist nearly 60% of their clients in obtaining a refund with the average refund being almost $20,000.  Timeshare Legal is a timeshare cancellation company dedicated to assisting timeshare owners who were misrepresented into making a purchase get help and relief by cancelling their unwanted timeshare. 

Highlander attributes his company’s unprecedented results to having the most well-trained and experienced Client Services Department in the industry.

J. Neil Forcella, Timeshare Legal’s Director of Client Services, was able to give us some insight into how they were able to achieve such unheard of results:

         “As the original timeshare cancellation company in this industry, the secret to our success is simple: we genuinely care about our clients and the proof is in the results that we get for them every day.  My favorite part of the job is to be able to hear the excitement from our clients when they realize ‘it’s over’ and their timeshare is cancelled.  I still remember a phone call from years ago where clients had to pull over on the side of the road because they were crying tears of joy and relief.  That’s what makes it all worthwhile.”                                                             J. Neil Forcella

Timeshare Legal is widely recognized as the leading timeshare cancellation company in the industry.

TSL Highlights:

  • A + rating with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau
  • 100 % money back guarantee
  • Over $250 million in cancelled timeshare debt since 2009
  • In accordance with all federal, state and local laws

Timeshare Legal’s professional staff is ready to consult with timeshare owners who feel they have been misrepresented into making a purchase.

For a free consultation, timeshare owners can call 1-888-247-5664 or find out more at the company’s website: