Christian Highlander of Timeshare Legal Reviews Consumer Complaints About Escalating Timeshare Maintenance Fees

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Christian Highlander of Timeshare Legal Reviews Consumer Complaints About Escalating Timeshare Maintenance Fees

The Timeshare Legal team recently set out to do a study to understand why maintenance fees are such a common complaint among timeshare owners.  During our research, one of the top three complaints that timeshare owners had about their program was problems with their maintenance fees.  All the timeshare owners that we interviewed said that the maintenance fees were less expensive when they initially purchased the timeshare but they began to slowly increase year after year.  Our independent research yielded an annual average increase in maintenance fees industry-wide of 8.7% over the last decade.  With those types of increases, it’s no wonder why these timeshare owners are so upset.

There were two main complaints about the maintenance fees:

  1. Timeshare owners have to pay the maintenance fees every year even if they don’t use their timeshare.
  2. Timeshare owners feel that they don’t have any control over the continuous increases in their maintenance fees.

Upon learning this information, our team was intrigued to dig further into the timeshare maintenance fee trap. We were able to uncover what the annual maintenance fees are for five of the most popular timeshare companies in the industry today.  We have included a chart below to reveal the findings based on our independent research:

Resort Name 1 Bedroom Unit 2 Bedroom Unit 3 Bedroom Unit
Wyndham $800 $1500 $2500
Marriot $1500 $2800 N/A
Disney $1400 $2700 N/A
Worldmark $600 $900 $1350
Bluegreen $833 $1500 $2250

*For points/credit based resorts, these figures are based on average amounts for a one week stay during peak season.

If you feel that you are trapped with maintenance fees that you can no longer afford or a timeshare that you need help getting out of, please feel free to contact Timeshare Legal.

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