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Why Your “Lifelong Timeshare” Doesn’t Have To Last That Long

Is buyer’s remorse setting in? Are you researching whether or not it’s too late to get out of your “lifelong timeshare?” Chances are, if you purchased an unwanted timeshare, these are the questions you’re asking yourself. However, we have good news for you.

Your “lifelong timeshare” doesn’t have to last that long.

There is a way out that doesn’t include untrustworthy resellers or hidden fees. Let us show you the way to a near future of financial freedom.

timeshare cancellation letter

Did You Purchase Your Timeshare 3 Days Ago?

If reality set in right away after putting pen to paper on your timeshare, there is still hope! The Federal Trade Commission has a three-day “cooling off period” on a multitude of purchases. Meaning, if you bought your timeshare on Monday, you have until Thursday to rescind your misguided purchase.

The exact duration of this rescission period varies. Whether it lasts three days or three weeks depends on which state you bought the timeshare in. 

Regardless, this period typically begins the day you signed the contract or received a disclosure statement. Legally, sellers are required to provide information on cancellation and place your money in an escrow account until the deal is closed. 

This means it’s time to beat the deadline. If the clock is ticking and you’re ready to get out of that “lifelong timeshare” you bought a day or two ago, you must write a timeshare cancellation letter. Put your cancellation notice in writing and be sure to postmark the envelop before midnight of the final day of the rescission period. If they receive your cancellation letter (without proper postmarking) after the “cooling-off period” ends, you won’t be able to get out the deal.

Not yet at least.

Now What?

So at this point, the grace period has ended so there’s no immediate exit from your “lifelong timeshare.” Before exploring your next options, think about the behavior of the seller. Were they fully transparent or were they vague and glossed over some of the details? Perhaps they didn’t disclose interest rates or the rescission period at all? If something isn’t sitting right with the way they handled the sale, then you may have a chance to get out. Of course, you would need a lawyer to handle the legal action that would follow, but it’s worth a shot!

We don’t recommend trying to resell your timeshare as resellers are often just as shady as the individuals who sold you the timeshare originally. On top of that, prepare for an onslaught of fees and failed promises.

Overwhelmed with the thought of your “lifelong timeshare” actually lasting that long? Don’t worry, it’s time to hire a timeshare cancellation company

Timeshare Cancellation

When you think there’s no way out of your timeshare, it’s time for professional help. Trained specialists will be able to work with you in order to determine your eligibility for a guaranteed timeshare cancellation. That’s right: guaranteed.

Yes, there are costs involved with hiring a team of experts; however, they are minimal in comparison to the fees you’d be paying for the rest of your life on a timeshare. Not only would you be signing up for permanent cancellation of your timeshare, but you will be receiving the financial freedom you thought you would never be granted again.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it’s not. The results are real when you work with a trusted and reputable team. With all that said, who should you work with to get out of that “lifelong timeshare?”

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Since 2009, our team of timeshare experts has been restoring clients’ trust, peace of mind, and financial freedom in effectively canceling their timeshare. Start with a free consultation to receive unparalleled results. If you need more proof, please review our clients’ testimonials. Contact us today and let us put your mind at ease.