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Resort Cancellation Services – Should I Attend a Timeshare Presentation?

Are you considering attending a timeshare presentation in exchange for a free vacation? It does sound nice – get a free trip and all you need to do is sit through a presentation. That’s a no-brainer right? Unfortunately, countless people have discovered that things aren’t quite so simple and find themselves looking for resort cancellation services. But what exactly is the catch?

Sitting Through The Presentation 

When you enter into an agreement to watch a timeshare presentation, you need to fulfill certain obligations in order to get the vacation. You may be required to be over a certain age, you may need to bring a spouse, and you must wait until the presentation is completely over. If you fail to meet any obligation, you will be left with the full price of your vacation. 

With that in mind, many timeshare sellers try to make getting through the full presentation very difficult. They can make the presentation drag on and on. Sometimes, even though you have already fulfilled your obligations, they might make it seem like you still need to wait longer. They may even make you take a tour of the timeshare resort. If you seem like you aren’t going to buy a timeshare, they will do anything possible to avoid giving you the free vacation. Some people have even been stuck for days over what was supposed to be a 90 minute presentation.

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Aggressive Sales Tactics

Timeshare salesmen are known for their unscrupulous sales tactics. They are there to make the sale, no matter what it takes. The following reasons show why so many people are rushing to find resort cancellation services. 

False Urgency

They often create a false sense of urgency to hook you in. They claim you must act right now in order to get this once-in-a-lifetime deal. When in reality, that deal is always available. 

Cancellation Periods

Most timeshares have a short window of time after signing where you can back out of the deal. Timeshare salesmen love to leave this out of their presentation. Once they make the sale, they don’t want you thinking there is anything you can do but keep paying them. Fortunately, there are resort cancellation services that can help you escape your timeshare even after the cancellation period is over. 

Aggressive Coercion 

Timeshare salesmen have an answer for everything and won’t shy away from using that against you. They will argue aggressively against any possible issue you have, often using coercive techniques like using guilt and shame. Another tactic they use is cornering you with multiple salespeople in hopes you will be overwhelmed into making a snap decision. 

They may try to make you feel incompetent in the way they talk to you. Timeshare salesmen are also known for trying to make people feel guilty by claiming they don’t get paid unless you buy the timeshare. They might even mock you for trying to “get away with” getting a “free vacation.” 

Shady Contracts

Even more unscrupulous is the way some salesmen represent the contract. They will claim that the contract has more value than it actually does and they never make you aware of hidden fees and restrictions. As a result, many people will blindly sign a contract, only to find they immediately need to start looking for resort cancellation services.  

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Expert Resort Cancellation Services

It’s a hard pill to swallow but the only real option to free yourself is to cancel your timeshare. At Timeshare Legal we offer a way out. For qualified candidates, we can completely cancel all recurring points and credits and any outstanding financial obligations owed directly to the timeshare developer. 

If you still enjoy your timeshare but upgrades have gotten you in over your head, we also offer partial cancellation services. We will reduce your ownership to a more manageable level where you will still be able to travel within your budget. As one of the most respected and trustworthy timeshare cancellation companies, we are committed to helping our clients find the best possible solution for their timeshare issues. Contact us today to get started.