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Reputable Timeshare Exit Companies On Why You Shouldn’t Buy

Reputable timeshare exit companies have heard just about every story you could possibly imagine when it comes to bad timeshare deals. While our business runs on cancelling timeshares, we care for our clients and wish they never had to find themselves in a bad timeshare contract to begin with. If you are considering entering into a timeshare contract, please make sure you’re aware of the following timeshare pitfalls.

A Lot For A Little

Did you know the average timeshare costs between $15,000-25,0000 annually? This cost can be 4 or 5 times higher for the average luxury timeshare. This is a whole lot of money considering the actual time spent using your timeshare. People in the process of buying a timeshare often get so caught up in the amount of money they could potentially save that they ignore just how big of a purchase they are making. For those without a lot of leeway in your budget , a vacation timeshare maynot be the best choice for your spare income.

Another thing that reputable timeshare exit companies hear all the time is how substantial and surprising the hidden fees can be. Most people understand that they have to pay their timeshare fees but are less aware about things like maintenance fees, property taxes, and special assessment fees. Timeshare owners are responsible for paying for all of the upkeep at the timeshare resort. If the timeshare ever needs repairs, or upgrades, that cost gets spread out between the co-owners. These resorts even pass on the expense of one timeshare owner’s failed payments to the rest of the group.

Vacations Aren’t Free

When someone is buying a timeshare, they often think of it as a way to pay for their vacations. In reality, room and board is only one of the many costs you run into on vacation. You still need to pay for plane tickets, food, souvenirs and more. All of that money that goes to your timeshare is only paying for a piece of the puzzle, you need to pay for the rest. 

Timeshares Aren’t An “Investment”

As one of the most reputable timeshare exit companies, we cringe when we hear someone refer to a timeshare as an investment. An investment is something that will increase in value over time, timeshares will only decrease in value and increase in costs. On top of this, an investment is something you own. You don’t really actually own anything with a timeshare – just the right to stay there for a short period of time. Never purchase a timeshare if you are thinking about it as an investment. 

Life Throws Curveballs

If there is one thing certain in life it’s that life isn’t always predictable. This is an issue for people locked into certain weeks in their timeshare. You can save up all year for your timeshare vacation only to find that something happens in your life that prevents you from being able to take a vacation in that time window. Without a timeshare, you could reschedule flights and hotels without taking too big of a hit. With a timeshare, you missed your opportunity and now need to wait until next year to make use of your timeshare. 

how to legally get out of timeshare contract

Reputable Timeshare Exit Companies

If you’ve fallen into the timeshare trap, you need to go to a trusted timeshare cancellation company. At Timeshare Legal we offer a way out. For qualified candidates, we can completely cancel all recurring points, credits, weeks and any outstanding financial obligations owed directly to the timeshare developer. As one of the most respected and trustworthy timeshare cancellation companies, we are committed to helping our clients find the best possible solution for their timeshare issues. Contact us today to free yourself from the burden of timeshare debt.