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The Timeshare Owner’s Guide to a Great Summer

Summer is finally here and that means one thing – it’s vacation time! The kids are finally on summer break, things are slowing down at work (or maybe not, which can also be a good time to get away) and it’s time to hit the road.  Of course, if you’re a timeshare owner, that means it’s time to put in a reservation for that beautiful spot you’ve been paying for all through the long winter months.  But before you do, we want to share a couple of tips to make sure you get the most out of your summer vacation and your investment in a timeshare.

“We’re here for our check In time! Or is it?”

When it comes to check in time, a lot of timeshare locations set very specific dates and times when owners can check in to the property. Be careful to make sure you know exactly when you’re scheduled to check in, and be even more careful to show up on time. The resort’s often running on a tight timetable so if you’re late to your check in appointment, you may find yourself stranded without a place to stay – a frustrating and anxiety-inducing experience when you’ve got your spouse and kids champing at the bit to drop off the bags in the room and hit the pool or grab a bite to eat.

“This is a great room! But wait, it’s not the one we reserved?”

This goes along with making sure you’re on time – If you miss your check in time, you may not be stranded… but the resort may not have the same room you originally booked still available. Oftentimes, if an owner shows up late, they will have rented out the room you originally wanted – leaving you in a smaller room, or one without the view you’d dreamed of… Neither of those outcomes is great when you have your kids in tow and your spouse grumbling about the difference in accommodations.

“I can’t wait to play minigolf, use the waterslides, surf the artificial waves, get in 9 holes… That’s all included, right?”

If your resort has on-site amenities like miniature golf, waterslides, etc., you’ll want to check in advance to see if they’re included in the price you’ve paid. Sometimes they are… but sometimes you’ll find yourself shelling out a little extra for that one special thing the kids have been dreaming about (and telling their friends about) all winter long.

“Hey, I saw a great museum/diving adventure/dolphin swim in a brochure at the airport – can you help us book that?”

The good news for timeshare owners is that your resort will often have discounts in place with local attractions. Ask if the concierge or front desk can get you booked at a great rate – and they may even be able to provide you with transportation to and from the attraction. Definitely a great perk of timeshare ownership, and one you’ll want to take advantage of!

“All this travel and talk has made me hungry! Is there a place to get some food we can take on a picnic or just eat in the room?”

Definitely a great question for the front desk. Oftentimes, resorts will have a small grocery or convenience store onsite – but one thing to watch out for is the prices they’ll charge. In their defense, they’re not buying in the same bulk orders your local grocery store does… but one option to consider is to have food delivered to the resort instead. GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats, and Instacart (to name a few) can all save you a bunch of money that you can use on the aforementioned events and amenities.

Hopefully, you’ll have an amazing vacation with wonderful memories that you and your family will treasure for years to come. But if you have issues and are starting to wonder if your timeshare experience is really worth the time and effort, you may want to consult an expert and explore your options.

There are companies in business that help timeshare owners get out of their contracts and start fresh with their vacation plans. While there are a number of great choices out there, the best firm in the business is the original timeshare cancellation company, Timeshare Legal.

Timeshare Cancellation

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