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The Official Timeshare Vacation Survival Manual

You’ve been counting the days until your timeshare vacation begins – heck, you’ve been packed and ready to go for about a week! Before you roll out the door and head for that amazing timeshare property you’ve been paying on all year long, we want to pass along a few survival tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your time away.

Be On Time. Really.

We’ve talked about this before, but make sure you know exactly when you’re scheduled to check in, and be even more careful to show up on time. Resorts often run on a tight timetable and if you’re late to your check in appointment, you may have issues ranging from not getting that perfect room with a view you were planning on to not having a place to stay at all.

 Beware of The “Update Meeting”

Once you’ve checked in, you may be invited to an “Owners Update Meeting” – in fact, it may sound like your attendance is mandatory in order to get your access passes to the pool and other amenities. In reality, the “Update Meeting” is a thinly disguised sales presentation meeting designed to get you to upgrade your membership, buy more points, or just generally double down on your investment. You’re under no obligation to attend these update meetings, so you have the power to say “thanks but no thanks” and head immediately to the pool for some sun and fun (ah, and pro-tip- don’t forget the sunscreen.) 

The Sky is Not Actually Falling

Onsite timeshare sales reps may try to influence you to attend “Owners Update Meetings” or even sit down one on one to discuss seemingly urgent matters, telling you things like “hey, we really need to sit down and talk about maintenance fees – they’re going up this year, you know… but I can help!” You’ll NEVER be notified during a meeting at the resort of anything like this – all notifications about increases in fees, etc. will be sent to you by mail. So feel empowered to laugh and walk away if you’re told anything different!

The Bigger and More Outrageous the Claim, The More It Must Be True, Right?

Nope. Beware of claims that are extreme or sound unbelievable – things like “there are big changes coming that will cost timeshare owners a lot of money, and you’d better upgrade your account now or you’ll be hit with huge costs down the road. It’ll be cheaper to buy more timeshare and upgrade your account than to keep your old deal and pay more…”  Again, you’ll be notified of any and all changes in advance by mail, so claims like these are nothing more than a clumsy way to apply pressure and get you to open your wallet! 

To sum it up – don’t let anything stand in the way of you and your family maximizing your timeshare vacation and doing fun things… Unless your idea of fun is sitting in a sales presentation for hours, you want to steer clear of these sorts of time-wasters. 

Now, if you’re starting to question whether you’re getting the value out of your timeshare, or if you feel like you might want to consider some options such as changing your arrangement with the resort or even canceling your timeshare contract altogether, you should consider contacting an expert in the field of timeshare exit services. 

The Official Timeshare Vacation Survival Manual

There are companies in business that help timeshare owners get out of their contracts and start fresh with their vacation plans. While there are a number of great choices out there, the best firm in the business is the original timeshare cancellation company, Timeshare Legal.

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