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Timeshare Legal Sets the Gold Standard for Timeshare Debt Cancellation

There are literally thousands of options available today in the booming timeshare and vacation ownership market.  With clubs offering flexible use and a myriad of options to use or rent, they are a very popular purchase for many families.   However, with all the flexibility available, many times there are still affordability issues or other reasons why these memberships may become a burden for families. Perhaps their financial situation turns sour, with higher than expected maintenance fees or the inability to sell or rent the timeshare property.

When timeshare owners find themselves in a financial rut, unable to either sell or even give away their property, Timeshare Legal is often able to help them resolve their dilemma.

Timeshare Legal was founded for the sole purpose of assisting timeshare owners who feel they have been misrepresented by a timeshare company or were coerced into purchasing more than they are comfortable affording.  Timeshare Legal is the industry leader when it comes to providing peace of mind and re-establishing financial freedom to anyone not satisfied with their timeshare arrangement.

Neither a law firm nor a real estate agency, Timeshare Legal’s highly trained staff have the experience and knowledge to assist most anyone who wants to completely cancel or perhaps, restructure their timeshare ownership to a more manageable level.

Timeshare Legal’s full-time staff includes individuals of diverse backgrounds, many of whom have worked directly in the industry as sales personnel and upper level managers. The team of professionals can consult with anyone who feels they have been ensnared in an agreement that is negatively impacting their life and the life of their family. By calling Timeshare Legal at their toll-free phone number, consumers can take advantage of a free consultation and have their case looked at by one of Timeshare Legal’s Senior Analysts.

Located in Egg Harbor Twp, N.J., Timeshare Legal is devoted to assisting anyone who needs help figuring out the ins and outs of their timeshare contracts, fees and resale potential.

For a free consultation, timeshare owners can call 1-888-247-5664 or find out more at the company’s website: